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Shanghai Rao Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiading District of Shanghai, has a wealth of practical experience, professional and strong technical team and sales team, the spirit of "technology is the core of the service is the fundamental quality of the future" business philosophy, the firm does not move foothold technological innovation, painstaking research and development, focus on quality and integrity services. Division now has a sheet metal processing, stamping division, Automation Division and Engineering Division.
       Sheet Metal Processing Division is mainly engaged in precision sheet metal design and manufacturing. We have laser cutting, CNC bending, punching, MIG welding, welding and surface treatment, and other processing equipment and projector, altimeter and other testing equipment.
Stamping Stamping Division is mainly engaged in the milling planing mill and mold design manufacturing, has a punch (5-250 tons);. Milling machines, grinders, planers and other equipment
       Automation Division is to provide customized automation solutions based on customer needs. Implementation, design, assembly to the sale of one-stop services to help customers reduce costs, increase productivity and solve technical problems. We also have a wealth of procurement channels, you can efficiently provide customers with automated electrical and mechanical parts. Our products have been successfully used in electronics, instruments, meters, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive manufacturing, communications and other fields.
    Engineering Division to undertake major elevator installation; shelf installation, automatic door installation; power grids and other projects.

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Sheet metal machining tolerances principle
Time 2014- 10- 0 9
Our national standard (GB / T 4249-1996) and (GB / T16671-1996) sets out principles to determine the relationship between the size tolerances and geometric tolerances, that the principle of independence, tolerance requirements, maximum material requirement, the minimum physical requirements and reversible Claim. These principles apply to technical drawing tolerances and related file size, dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances in order to determine the size, shape and position of the elements characteristic parts. Tolerance should be part of the selection principle functional requirements, combined with the use of performance and requirements of parts, as well as manufacturing processes, assembly, inspection and other economic possibilities and specific analysis for dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances are needed to meet the requirements, both elements of contact does not occur, the use of the principle of independence; for dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances need to contact occurs, with elements of the ideal integrated border control, the use of the relevant requirements. Depending on the desired use of the ideal boundary, when the entity with the largest border control, the use of containment requirements; entity with the greatest effectiveness when border controls, using the maximum physical requirements (including requirements apply to the largest entity reversible requirements); When an entity with a minimum when the effectiveness of border controls, the use of the minimum physical requirements (including reversible requirements apply to the minimum physical requirements). The principle of independence and a variety of applications related requirements, border, limit size.


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